Tuesday, October 14, 2014

and life continues

recently the office that i have been getting counseling from no longer wants to accept my insurance. So time to move office, my councilor is great and is helping me through it.

I have noticed a few auto biography one by Stephen Fry and one by Johnny Rotten. I want to put both on my Christmas list. I watched a video of Stephen Fry talking about his book and it compeled me to to write a letter to him

Mr Stephen Fry
c/o Hamilton Hodell Limited
Fifth Floor
66-68 Margaret Street
London W1W 8SR

Dear Stephen,
I recently watched your interview on the BBC about you’re new book ”More fool me.”, I never knew you are recovering from an addiction and this interested me in many ways. I have followed your work since I was a teenager, I wouldn’t say I was a great fan but I have enjoyed some of the work you have produced.
Whilst I have never had a drug addiction I have had another addiction that I have been recently getting help with, there was a number of things in the interview that made me sit up and take note and one was the immense foolishness that once feels after realizing you are addicted to a substance and act or something that completely takes over your life. I also found it interesting that you mentioned it became your coping mechanism. I recently was confronted with my addiction and it was amazing how quickly I no longer had a coping mechanism to deal with the day to day of life and what it throws at you. At 47 I have to now to learn news ways of coping after some 35 years of relying on my addiction to get through life.
I just wanted to say thanks for putting it out there so that people like myself who are just taking baby steps in recovery can be encouraged to continue and move forward.

So on wards and forwards.